300 Hairy Bears is a recollection of the many adventures and mishaps I experience as I spend 14 months (give or take) in Germany, Slovenia, and then hopping around Europe.

My story starts as a third year undergrad cramming in the final classes for my major so that senior year is open for my own design.  While searching for  classes related to GIS (Geographic Information Systems), I found the University of Ljubljana, located in Slovenia.  This country is only the size of Massachusetts; its capital, Ljubljana, is home to about 200,000 people.  From September through next July, I will share my journey of living in this beautiful and lesser-known country while studying a Geodesy and Geoinformation program taught in Slovenian.  Did I mention I don’t speak Slovenian?

Perhaps I will meet a few Slovenians as I first spend three months in Erlangen, Germany, assisting in research for a doctoral student at the Cultural Geography department of Freidrich-Alexander Universitat Erlangen-Nurnberg.  This internship is through the DAAD Rise Internships in Science and Engineering program.  Luckily, ich habe Deutsch fur drei Semester an der Universitat gelernt!  My German is limited, but I look forward to picking it up as time passes.

At the end of the school year, I plan on traveling through Europe with my hiking boots and my guitar and some friends to keep company.  So please, let me know if you’re around – I’m excited to share this adventure!


Oh yeah, if you’re wondering, “Why 300 hairy bears?”…this phrase is actually the translation of a curse phrase in Slovenian.  This language doesn’t actually have any direct curse words of its own – those it borrows from Croatian!  The Slovenian language is quite mellow…I just can’t help but laugh thinking of when I’ll blame those 300 hairy bears for when something goes wrong!